July 11, 2015

BONANZA (Conrad Guevara, Lindsay Tully & Lana Williams)

Featuring Laura Boles Faw & DJ 8ulentina: 
The Pleasure Principle
Real Time and Space, Oakland

"I am looking for the body, my body, which exists outside its patriarchal definitions. Of course that is not possible. But who is any longer interested in the possible?" Kathy Acker

DESCRIPTION: How is the imaginary possible? Compound movements, balancing between the push and the pull, thinking through it. Participants will discuss Emily Roysdon's essay "Ecstatic Resistance" while doing a series of resistant training exercises. Bring a yoga mat and work out gear.


"Ecstatic Resistance" by Emily Roysdon


BONANZA is the collective practice of Conrad Guevara, Lindsay Tully, and Lana Williams. The formal cohesion of a filmmaker, sculptor, and painter is the result of their shared way of thinking and making. Bonanza centers around ideas of abstraction, questions of authorship, and dismantles the ideas of the heroic artist. They have exhibited at Tmoro Projects, Interface Gallery, Artists’ Television Access, and n/a in the Bay area. They recently finished the short film, The Initiation, which premiered at 100% in the vibrant Mission.

8ULENTINA's name is inspired by Bulent Ersoy, a legendary transgender Turkish singer. For 8ulentina, DJing is about creating a personal archive that tells a story; it can take the form of a Turkish trance remix, an Egyptian Mahraganat track, or a sad R&B track. "They keep it feminine, fast, and worldly." -Interrupt Mag

LAURA BOLES FAW's work consists of investigations through sculptural objects, installations, curatorial projects and collaborative ventures. She examines spatial and social constructions and looks to create new meanings and transformative fictions. She has exhibited at Scrawl Center for Drawing, Ever Gold Gallery, Alterspace, Meridian Gallery, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and Vast Space Projects in Las Vegas. She has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Green Chalk Contemporary in Monterey this fall and an exhibition titled Resonant Forms with her collaborative partner Cathy Fairbanks at the Mystic Hotel in San Francisco opening in August.

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Heavy Breathing ︎ 2018

Critical thinking often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?