March 30, 2020

Laura Hyunjhee Kim: 
Hi-Feel Lo-Tech Workout (HFLTW): Relaxation and Recovery

Heavy Breathing presents, Hi-Feel Lo-Tech Workout (HFLTW): Relaxation and Recovery, by Laura Hyunjhee Kim. 

Have you been feeling unfamiliar guttural sensations but have not been able to pinpoint the cause? This virtual workshop has been designed for mind-body-conspicuous humans who experience increased feelosophical flows triggered by the subtle yet rapid changes from living-through-feeling in the technological environment. Through a series of intentional and meaningful synergistic micro-movements, the Hi-Feel Lo-Tech Workout (HFLTW): Relaxation and Recovery session aims to help you get in touch with your own embodied emotions -- those that are often felt before touched and sense-made before made-sense into. Together, in collaboration with a household cylindrical object of your choosing, we will focus on releasing muscle tension by means of self-myofascial release and return to a paused-state-of-condition that is mindfully present in-the-real-life-now.

Instructions for listener/viewer-participants:

To participate in the virtual workout remotely in the comforts of your own space of choosing, please prepare a foam roller or a cylindrical object that resembles the shape, size, and density of a foam roller that does not feel overwhelming on the body (ie. disconnected Amazon Alexa).


  • Comfortable clothes (ie. pajamas)
  • Blanket or a cushioned mat (ie. yoga mat) for extra support

Suggested readings: 


Laura Hyunjhee Kim is a Korean-American multimedia artist who contemplates and reimagines digitally constructed on/offline (non)human experiences. Thinking through making, she performs moments of incomprehension: when language loses its coherence, necessitates absurd leaps in logic, and reroutes into intuitive and improvisational sense-making forms of expression. Her current projects examine the influences of consumer technologies on human and (non)human interaction and the feelosophical experiences of the body. She is the founding director of Synthetic Empathic Intelligent Companion Artefacts (SEICA) Human Interaction Labs, founder of The Living Lab, co-founder of sharing turtle™ (with libi rose striegl), and one of the collaborators at the Centre for Emotional Materiality (founded by Surabhi Saraf ). Kim is the author of Entering the Blobosphere: A Musing on Blobs, which was published by The Accomplices / Civil Coping Mechanisms (June 17, 2019) and the coauthor of Remixing Persona: An Imaginary Digital Media Object from the Onto-tales of the Digital Afterlife with Mark Amerika, published with Open Humanities Press (November, 2019).

Kim has shown work in numerous on/offline exhibition spaces, screenings, and festivals around the world. She received the ArtSlant Award in New Media (2013), New Media Caucus Distinguished Scholar Award (2019), and Judson-Morrissey Excellence in New Media Award (2020). She was an artist-in-residence at the Internet Archive (2017), Korea National University of the Arts (2017), Black & White Projects (2016), and at the Museum of Human Achievement (2019) and Electrofringe with artist libi rose striegl (2019).

Kim received a B.S. in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and M.F.A. from the New Genres Department at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance (IAWP) at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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