September 2018

Bangkok Biennial: Future Tao 

Bangkok, Thailand and
Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taiwan

In September 2018, Heavy Breathing joins the self-organized online pavilion “Future Tao” at the Bangkok Biennial in partnership with lololol, a project co-founded by Sheryl Cheung and Xia Lin. From September 23 to September 30, lololol will serve as a virtual platform for a series of Heavy Breathing A/V broadcasts exploring critical somatics through artist-led audio and video experiences.To kick off this project, artist Christian Nagler will lead a special trans-Pacific livestream workshop “Cosmoconvulsive Anxiothenics” on Saturday Sept 21 11pm PST (Sept 22 2pm Taipei time) that will be screened at the Tapei Contemporary Art Center for a live audience of participants.

Heavy Breathing presents Christian Nagler: “Cosmoconvulsive Anxiothenics“
Livestream event description:

In this session we will delve deeply into some embodied non-solutions to the problem of global risk management. What are global risk management practices and how do they relate to our nervous systems? Listen, follow along and engage in an athletic and de-armoring session of Reichian somatics, full-corpus spasms, and galactic tingles. Wear comfortable clothes. Prepare to move, breathe intensely, yell, and freak out a little.

1. Ulrich Beck, Living in the World Risk Society, 2006
2. Michel Foucault, Security Territory, Population, Lectures at the College de France, 1979
(especially lecture #2)
3. Benjamin Lee and Edward Lipuma, Circulatory Risks and the Speculative Habitus
4. Dusan Makavejev, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, 19715. Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1933 and Character Analysis, 1933
6. Claire Souch, Pushing the Boundaries of Catastrophe Modeling, 2014
7. Peter A. Levine Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma

Watch footage of the livestream HERE: 

Image: Character Analysis, Wilhelm Reich

You can also stream or download a HB/AV audio-track of “Cosmoconvulsive Anxiothenics” lead by Christian Nagler with soundscape by DJ Kit Clayton, featuring Amelia Carter, Kevin Nagler, and Susannah Schoff. (22:28 min)  HERE:

For more information about the event:
Taipei Contemporary Art Center website:

Activity Schedule (Taipei Center for Contemporary Art):
2:00 Entrance
2:15 Cosmoconvulsive Anxiothenics (livestream from Oakland, California)
3:00 Internal Motivations
3:45 3C Xin Yi Quan

Guides: Heavy Breathing, Sheryl Cheung, Xia Lin
Maximum 15 participants. Registration is closed now.
No prior experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing for light exercise

Please scroll down for Chinese language info.

About Christian Nagler

Christian Nagler is an artist and writer who lives in Oakland, CA. Lately, he has been doing ethnographic research into the performance culture of Silicon Valley, making videos like Shoulder Babies, and working to build an organization called phoebe. A book Human Capital: A Life was published in 2016. Other recent writing can be found in TDR, Performance Review, SFMOMA’s Open Space, and Art Practical. Christian is also on instagram.

Cosmoconvulsive Anxiothenics Performer Bios:
Amelia Charter is an artist, performer and teacher living in Los Angeles.
Kevin Nagler is an artist currently located in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
Susannah Schoff is a teacher who lives in Alameda, CA

About lololol is an ongoing interpretive manuscript of Taoist-informed experimental practices for mind and body cultivation in contemporary times. The manuscript is collectively written, organically evolving, and includes a decentralized program of exercises and techniques shared as a community for inspirations of healthy living. Responding to today’s increasingly cybernetic lifestyles, includes a variety of benefits, including the improvement of circulation between the real and virtual, fitness of expanded consciousness, deeper understanding of our new bodies, and connection between lives of all kind.

Future Tao: Workout Guide is an artist-led workout session that features three projects participating in Heavy Breathing presents Christian Nagler: Cosmoconvulsive Anxiothenics, a neurological dialogue on global risk and the body, including muscle relaxation, full-textual paralysis and brain stimulation from distant galaxies. Sound artist Sheryl Cheung’s Internal Motivations is a collective listening and improvisation session for energy circulation between people and their environments. Multimedia artist Xia Lin guides a workshop session of 3C Xing Yi Quan, a new form of martial arts that imitates the form and essence of 3C gadgets.

About the Bangkok Biennial


時間:2018.09.23(日)2 – 6pm
地點:台北當代藝術中心(台北市大同區保安街49巷11號1F,近捷運大橋頭站) 是一個關注道思想的身心秘笈,2018年發起,持續發展。此秘笈由集體寫作而成,共同對當代身體技術和修行進行探討和想像。本項目試圖建立一個去中心化的修行分享模式,定期推出實驗性運動和修行技巧,尋找合適當代養身的生活方法。

「超個體當代修行:能量導引」是一次實驗性的身心工作坊,由收錄秘笈中的三位創作家帶領一個下午的能量導引。來自美國西岸的重呼吸(Heavy Breathing)是一個實驗性肢體研討會,參與藝術家Christian Nagler將引導一場關於全球風險與身體的神經系統對話,內容包括肌肉放鬆、全語境痙攣以及來自遙遠星系的腦內刺激。聲音藝術家張欣的「體內運動」是一場集體聆聽和即興演奏,透過聲音去開發人與環境的能量循環。藝術家林亭君將示範與介紹這套自行研發的「3C形意拳」,並帶領參與者一同開發協作。透過模仿、體會、學習共生,領略現代新自然,預備具有未來特性的身心調和技術。

02:00 入場
02:15 宇宙抽搐焦慮體操(現場英文同步翻譯)
03:00 體內運動
03:45 3C形意拳
04:30 線上秘笈 導覽&討論

引導人|重呼吸(Heavy Breathing)、張欣、林亭君。


地點|MEME SPACE(覓計畫 羅斯福路二段9號12樓)


來自美國西岸的重呼吸(Heavy Breathing)是一系列藝術家策劃的實驗性運動研討會,結合肢體活動與話語交流。批判性思維經常讓人感到頭重腳輕、過於抽象、並與身體分離。當身體在移動中,上氣不接下氣地喘息時,對話又如何改變?什麼樣的新思維模式變得可能?更多資訊請參考

Christian Nagler 為參與重呼吸的藝術家之一,近年來持續對矽谷的表演文化進行人類學研究,創作錄像作品Shoulder Babies,並籌辦一個命名為phoebe的組織。寫作曾發表於TDR、Performance Research、Art Practical,2016年出版書籍「人力資本:生命」。



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Heavy Breathing ︎ 2018

Critical thinking often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?