June 18, 2015

Julz Hale Mary:
Pumped Up for Nothing
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Join Julz Hale Mary for “ Pumped up for Nothing” - A rebellious exercise class where you’ll get pumped up to do nothing, while looking luxurious! The harder you try not to try, the more you’ll succeed in this campy, motivational, NOPE-posi workout. Dress lazy, fun, or "glamorously frumpy” - anything loose, silky, bright, sloppy, or wildly patterned. Bring props for activities typically devalued as “doing nothing,” and come ready for NOPE!

Artist Bio:

Julz Hale Mary is a multimedia artist and director who pulls from the spirit of "Pollyanna gone-wrong".

Queering the dissonance they experienced growing up in the superficially positive yet hyper-conservative Central Valley of California, Julz combines personal narrative with systemic analysis to liberate the child within. They transform repression while challenging every-day power dynamics through the use of bright colors, loud fashion, absurdist modern dance, drag, bold graphic design, obsessive video editing, ridiculous sculpture, and satirical theater.

Recent work includes a performative fashion show called "Trauma is a Party (of One)". Their art has also been featured at venues such as SOMArts, The Lab, Artist Television Access, Submission, The Stud, the Seattle and Boston LGBT Film Festivals, San Francisco Arts Commission, Root Division, Black and White Projects, The Center for Sex and Culture and YBCA, and internationally. 

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Heavy Breathing ︎ 2018

Critical thinking often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?