July 23, 2017

Sarah Burke: 
Martial Arts for Feminist Journos
SF Art Book Fair,
Minnesota Street Project

In this experimental workshop, attendees will collectively undermine the historic valorization of hyper-masculinized approaches to journalism by learning to value approaches of empowered passivity through practicing the feminist concept of "circlusion" (the antonym of "penetration") and the martial arts concept of "ukemi," the art of receiving a throw. Open to participants of all ages and abilities.


Sarah Burke is a journalist and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. Her writing focuses on art, identity, social justice, technology, feminism, and the intersections therein. She is currently an editor at Broadly. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Wired, KQED, Broadly, Artsy, SFMoMA Open Space, Momus, Hyperallergic, Creators, Art Practical, Hi-Fructose, Complex, and the East Bay Express - of which she is the former Managing Editor.

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Heavy Breathing ︎ 2018

Critical thinking often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?